Zabbix agent to monitor my mqtt bus
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Zabbix agent to monitor my MQTT bus

This docker image made to monitor my smart home system.

BUG: if values not stored before in mqtt and long delivered from devices a container may crush with timeout: Sending back [ZBX_NOTSUPPORTED: Timeout while executing a shell script.]

Sample data from bus:

/device/5C:CF:7F:3D:C3:9F/relay/1/data 0
/device/5C:CF:7F:3D:C3:9F/termo/1/data 10.75
/device/5C:CF:7F:3D:C3:9F/RSSI -66
/device/5C:CF:7F:3D:C3:9F/hostname mod5CCF7F3DC39F
/device/5C:CF:7F:3D:C3:9F/devicename 5C:CF:7F:3D:C3:9F
/device/60:01:94:33:FC:3B/relay/1/data 0
/device/60:01:94:33:FC:3B/relay/2/data 1
/device/60:01:94:33:FC:3B/termo/1/data 21.03
/device/60:01:94:33:FC:3B/pressure/1/data 749.46
/device/60:01:94:33:FC:3B/hostname mod60019433FC3B
/device/60:01:94:33:FC:3B/devicename 60:01:94:33:FC:3B

Modify mqtt.conf for your own data format.