Vladimir Smagin 21h

Wordpress operator for Kubernetes

Updated 1 day ago

Telegram бот для постинга записей в каналы, где бот находится или в личку.

Updated 1 month ago

Redis operator for Kubernetes with HAProxy support

Updated 1 day ago

Kubernetes RabbitMQ operator

Updated 2 months ago

Mosquitto MQTT operator for Kubernetes

Updated 16 hours ago

MQTT Data Exporter for Prometheus. Exports any message convertible to float from MQTT to prometheus.

Updated 5 months ago

Cron with interval 1 second, yaml based configs


Updated 1 month ago

Pulling remote repository and pushing to another repository

Updated 1 month ago

Operator for CronJob resources

Updated 1 day ago

Ansible playbook that you can use to control ssh access to your linux servers. You can install or remove keys, tune sshd options and install additional software.

Updated 1 year ago