Vladimir Smagin 21h

Mosquitto MQTT operator for Kubernetes

Updated 4 minutes ago

Redis operator for Kubernetes with HAProxy support

Updated 18 minutes ago

Retrieves secrets from Vault and saves to disk as JSON files

Updated 1 month ago

Operator for CronJob resources

Updated 55 seconds ago

Репозиторий о котором не говорят

Updated 7 months ago

Pulling remote repository and pushing to another repository

Updated 1 month ago

Use Borg to backup files or databases. Deploy with Jenkins + Ansible.

Updated 3 months ago

ESP8266 clock and weather on MAX7219

Updated 1 month ago

Library for working with Hetzner DNS API

Updated 1 week ago

Image warm for Kubernetes

Updated 15 minutes ago

Example files to create snapshots in Hetzner

Updated 1 week ago