Vladimir Smagin 21h

Ansible playbook that you can use to control ssh access to your linux servers. You can install or remove keys, tune sshd options and install additional software.

Updated 5 months ago

Feminist programming language. Original here https://github.com/ErisBlastar/cplusequality.git

Updated 1 year ago

Telegram бот для постинга записей в каналы, где бот находится или в личку.

Updated 1 year ago

Yes! This is legendary SBNC! Used repositories of Ubuntu 16.04 to get it and build this precious Docker image.

Updated 4 weeks ago

Make Postgresql slave server in a minutes

Updated 11 months ago

Cron with interval 1 second, yaml based configs


Updated 10 months ago

Архиватор снимков неба над Томском панорамной камерой

Updated 9 months ago

Ansible playbook for fast clickhouse deployment and configuration

Updated 5 months ago

NTP clock made with ESP-12 (ESP8266) and 16-char TM1640 (JY-LM1640)

Updated 5 months ago

Easily deploy freelan vpn network

Updated 9 months ago

Kubernetes RabbitMQ operator

Updated 3 weeks ago

Example golang code with using Vault and Cobra


Updated 3 months ago

Django Operator for Kubernetes

Updated 2 months ago

Wordpress operator for Kubernetes

Updated 1 month ago