Vladimir Smagin 21h

Yes! This is legendary SBNC! Used repositories of Ubuntu 16.04 to get it and build this precious Docker image.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Make Postgresql slave server in a minutes

Updated 11 months ago

Архиватор снимков неба над Томском панорамной камерой

Updated 9 months ago

Ansible playbook for fast clickhouse deployment and configuration

Updated 5 months ago

NTP clock made with ESP-12 (ESP8266) and 16-char TM1640 (JY-LM1640)

Updated 5 months ago

Easily deploy freelan vpn network

Updated 8 months ago

Example golang code with using Vault and Cobra


Updated 3 months ago

Django Operator for Kubernetes

Updated 1 month ago

Retrieves secrets from Vault and saves to disk as JSON files

Updated 1 month ago

Репозиторий о котором не говорят

Updated 2 weeks ago

MQTT Data Exporter for Prometheus. Exports any message convertible to float from MQTT to prometheus.

Updated 1 year ago

Ansible playbook that you can use to control ssh access to your linux servers. You can install or remove keys, tune sshd options and install additional software.

Updated 5 months ago

Telegram бот для постинга записей в каналы, где бот находится или в личку.

Updated 11 months ago

Cron with interval 1 second, yaml based configs


Updated 10 months ago