Vladimir Smagin 21h

Pulling remote repository and pushing to another repository

Updated 1 month ago

Репозиторий о котором не говорят

Updated 3 months ago

Operator for CronJob resources

Updated 1 month ago

Retrieves secrets from Vault and saves to disk as JSON files

Updated 1 month ago

Redis operator for Kubernetes with HAProxy support

Updated 1 month ago

Mosquitto MQTT operator for Kubernetes

Updated 1 month ago

Wordpress operator for Kubernetes

Updated 1 month ago

Django Operator for Kubernetes

Updated 3 weeks ago

Example golang code with using Vault and Cobra


Updated 5 months ago

Kubernetes RabbitMQ operator

Updated 1 month ago

Easily deploy freelan vpn network

Updated 11 months ago

NTP clock made with ESP-12 (ESP8266) and 16-char TM1640 (JY-LM1640)

Updated 8 months ago

Ansible playbook for fast clickhouse deployment and configuration

Updated 8 months ago

Архиватор снимков неба над Томском панорамной камерой

Updated 1 year ago