Wordpress operator for Kubernetes
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Wordpress operator for Kubernetes

Run multiple Wordpress instances in your Kubernetes cluster. Use internal or external database. Internal database means a single pod with MariaDB without any replication or clusterization, my Wordpress operator is NOT MySQL operator. If you need database high availability use MySQL operator to create cluster.

Build sources

Prebuilt images

You can find images here https://hub.docker.com/r/iam21h/wordpress-operator

Deploy operator

kubectl -f deploy/service_account.yaml
kubectl -f deploy/role.yaml
kubectl -f deploy/role_binding.yaml
kubectl -f deploy/operator.yaml

Your first Wordpress deployment

This resource can help you run your first instance:

apiVersion: blindage.org/v1alpha1
kind: Wordpress
  name: my-test-wordpress
  replicas: 3
  databaseVolumeSize: 3Gi
  wordpressVolumeSize: 2Gi

If you want use external database:

apiVersion: blindage.org/v1alpha1
kind: Wordpress
  name: another
    database: wordpress
    hostname: my-test-wordpress-database
    password: wordpress
    username: wordpress
  replicas: 1
  wordpressVolumeSize: 1Gi

Be sure you are backed up created content and database PV’s because operator will remove them after Wordpress resource was deleted.

Look to pkg/apis/blindage/v1alpha1/wordpress_types.go to find more parameters like affinity or annotations.

Copyright by Vladimir Smagin (21h) 2019
http://blindage.org email: 21h@blindage.org
Project page: https://git.blindage.org/21h/wordpress-operator