Retrieves secrets from Vault and saves to disk as JSON files
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Vault secrets retriever

Sample config file with connection parameters and secrets. You can store it inside docker image or mount during deployment process.

  token: s.otBH1tQ5IMDZRBJC1SEuTEPX
  - path: /ssh-vault-test/public/vlad
    file: test/secret-vlad.json
  - path: /ssh-vault-test/public/anya
    file: test/secret-anya.json

Use variable VAULT_RETRIEVER_FILE to set filename with connection parameters and secrets to retrieve.

VAULT_RETRIEVER_FILE=test-vault.yaml ./vault-retriever

If no vault section defined in config file program will check variables VAULT_RETRIEVER_ADDRESS and VAULT_RETRIEVER_TOKEN.

export VAULT_RETRIEVER_FILE=test-vault.yaml 

If you want to start it inside Docker or Kubernetes provide these ENV variables to your container during run.

Copyright by Vladimir Smagin (21h) 2019 email:
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