Redis operator for Kubernetes with HAProxy support
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Redis operator for Kubernetes

Redis operator runs Sentinel and Redis, makes Redis high available with HAProxy.

Build sources

Prebuilt images

You can find images here

Deploy operator


helm repo add 21h
helm repo update
helm install redis-operator 21h/redis-operator -n operators

Namespace-scoped installation

kubectl -n operators -f deploy/service_account.yaml
kubectl -n operators -f deploy/role.yaml
kubectl -n operators -f deploy/role_binding.yaml
kubectl -n operators -f deploy/operator.yaml

Edit operator.yaml to set WATCH_NAMESPACE, may be you want set it to namespace of pod:

        fieldPath: metadata.namespace

Cluster-scoped installation

kubectl -f deploy/clusterrole.yaml
kubectl -f deploy/clusterrole_binding.yaml
kubectl -n operators -f deploy/service_account.yaml
kubectl -n operators -f deploy/operator.yaml

Edit clusterrole_binding.yaml, set namespace for service account.

Your first Redis deployment

This resource can help you run your first Redis instance

kind: Redis
  name: my-redis
  useHAProxy: true
  haproxyReplicas: 1
  sentinelReplicas: 3
  redisReplicas: 3
  quorum: 2
  haproxyTimeoutServer: 30
  haproxyTimeoutClient: 30
  haproxyBackendCheckInterval: 1
  # set size if you want make persistent volume
  persistentVolumeSize: 1Gi
  persistentVolumeClass: "gluster"
  persistentVolumePurge: true
    maxUnavailable: 1
    minAvailable: 2

Remember rule: pdbSentinel.minAvailable > (sentinelReplicas / 2) > pdbSentinel.maxUnavailable. This made to save quorum.

Open file pkg/apis/blindage/v1alpha1/redis_types.go to know more about options.

Copyright by Vladimir Smagin (21h) 2019 email:
Project page: