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  Vladimir Smagin f31871b5cf bump go version 1 month ago
  Vladimir Smagin 0b8202f901 helm 3 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin f108686e2d readme 3 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin 2dd63a6fff add helm repo 3 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin 0b54501895 Изменить 'Jenkinsfile' 3 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin 5e8130bc98 add logging to deletion pdb 7 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin 8cde20426a fix reconcile 7 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin a26370b725 add pdb to demo instance 7 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin deedc1b55f remove unused pdb resources 7 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin 7a4a603f2b add additional condition for sentinel pdb 7 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin 1c2f6b3780 readme 7 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin 46e330b54f Add PDB to role 7 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin 93a6a24e66 move to ubuntu image 7 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin dbfe1d4949 fix Dockerfile 7 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin 404de23507 add PodDisruptionBudge resources 7 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin f65b9c8a1a no more latest tag, use jenkins to build 9 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin eded64053a
use EmptyDir if no volume size set 10 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin d25b2d4ad5
fix logging 10 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin dfe5ed3730
added pvc, pvc class and pvc finalizer 10 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin a25ed2fa19
add nodeselector and tolerations 10 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin 361192c58d
separate resources limits 10 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin f1125e9b7c
remove Jenkins pipeline 11 months ago
  Vladimir Smagin 8cb729af59
fix 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin 3153365a7c
cleanup 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin 13f57754bd
move backend check interval to crd 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin e69a4222ef
expose haproxy stats port 9000 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin b90e5a3fae
bugfix service ports list 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin 61de3e0bb6
bugfix haproxyTimeoutClient 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin e1932d0f0a
add timeouts to crd, add multiport to services 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin e5e9714b12
remove vendor 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin 1fbc7b7b9b
move manifests to separate controller 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin c265a0ea00
readme 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin 2027dccca9 increase timeouts 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin a857192b29 mount failover.sh to redis instances 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin e3f24f96e4 fix failover script name 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin cfc6fcb272 jenkins pipeline 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin 4aed81f96c fix modules 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin c52f01f7f1 add Dockerfile 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin dc7018e8c6 add clusterrole to be cluster-scoped 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin 8562a24f24 readme fix 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin e977313e33 Изменить 'README.md' 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin 2bd6453a07 add haproxy support 1 year ago
  Vladimir Smagin cf65cf2792 run 1 year ago