Kubernetes RabbitMQ operator, forked https://github.com/tekliner/rabbitmq-operator
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Kubernetes operator for RabbitMQ. Code is highly fresh, be patient.

Install operator

helm repo add 21h https://charts.blindage.org
helm repo update
helm install rabbitmq-operator 21h/rabbitmq-operator -n operators

Deploy new cluster

Sample CRD (whole specs see in rabbitmq_types.go):

apiVersion: rabbitmq.improvado.io/v1
kind: Rabbitmq
  name: imp20rabbit
  replicas: 2
  # set affinity and anti-affinity
      - labelSelector:
          - key: security
            operator: In
            - S1
        topologyKey: failure-domain.beta.kubernetes.io/zonei

  # set rabbitmq docker image, use hub.docker.com or your own
    name: rabbitmq
    tag: 3-alpine
  # use custom names for secrets instead of default based on CRD name
  # default_user, default_password and cookie is generated once at first start
  #secret_credentials: rabbit-users
  #secret_service_account: rabbit-service
  # set vm_memory_high_watermark.absolute value
  memory_high_watermark: 256M
  # clusterize rabbit
  k8s_host: "kubernetes.default.svc.cluster.imp"
  k8s_addrtype: hostname
  cluster_node_cleanup_interval: 10
  cluster_formation.node_cleanup.only_log_warning: true
  cluster_partition_handling: autoheal

  hipe_compile: false

  # PVC
  volume_size: 1Gi
  # disk_free_limit: 50MB

  # Set custom ENV
    - name: VARIABLENAME
      value: test

    - name: ha-three
      vhost: "rabbit"
      pattern: ".*"
        ha-mode: "exactly"
        ha-params: 3
        ha-sync-mode: "automatic"
      priority: 0
      apply-to: all

    - rabbitmq_management_agent

Default plugins:

  • rabbitmq_consistent_hash_exchange,
  • rabbitmq_federation,
  • rabbitmq_federation_management,
  • rabbitmq_management,
  • rabbitmq_peer_discovery_k8s,
  • rabbitmq_shovel,
  • rabbitmq_shovel_management

In future:

  • SSL
  • Additional users
  • Custom k8s labels
  • RabbitMQ limits based on pods limits