Library for working with Hetzner DNS API
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Hetzner DNS golang library

I made this library to interact with Hetzner DNS API in most easy way. Hopefully in future it will be used for Hetzner external-dns provider. Check out example directory and

Get your own token on Hetzner DNS and place it to token variable and run code

token := "jcB2UywP9XtZGhvhSHpH5m"
zone := "vhSHpH5mjcB2UywP9XtZGh"

log.Println("Create new instance")
hdns := hclouddns.New(token)

log.Println("Get zone", zone)

allRecords, err := hdns.GetRecords(zone)
if err != nil {


At this moment library supports all API requests. If you found some bug mail me or register here and create issue.

Copyright by Vladimir Smagin (21h) 2020 email:
Project page: