Example golang code with using Vault and Cobra
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vlad@turtle:/opt/dev/-go/ssh-vault$ go build && ./ssh-vault import --username=nickd --key-public=keys/nick_diamond.pem.pub --key-secret=keys/nick_diamond.pem --name-first=Nick
Error: required flag(s) "name-last" not set
  ssh-vault import [flags]

  -h, --help                help for import
  -p, --key-public string   Public key file
  -s, --key-secret string   Secret key file
  -f, --name-first string   First name
  -l, --name-last string    Last name
  -u, --username string     User's login

required flag(s) "name-last" not set
vlad@turtle:/opt/dev/-go/ssh-vault$ go build && ./ssh-vault import --username=nickd --key-public=keys/nick_diamond.pem.pub --key-secret=keys/nick_diamond.pem --name-first=Nick --name-last=Diamond
2019/07/03 02:59:52 Importing key pair
2019/07/03 02:59:53 <nil>