Scripts for periodical pulling images from
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Docker hub image puller

New rules of hub says "we delete images if they not pulled for a while blah blah blah" or something like that. Many unpopular opensource projects will be deleted after this rule applied. This script periodically pulls all tags of image from docker hub to prevent image deletion.


Create file with images you want to save.

For example, images.txt


Now run script:

$:> / images.txt

Error: No such image: iam21h/warm-image-operator:0.0.1
Pulling iam21h/warm-image-operator:0.0.1
0.0.1: Pulling from iam21h/warm-image-operator
949de0c45264: Already exists 
7e9d54341c0e: Already exists 
41d0f9b01f20: Pull complete 
923def0692b1: Pull complete 
ef76ceff3cc3: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:1b1ce307a4813f99209934396b781d5e6225e7d0a966f2c7159e950bab92b3cf
Status: Downloaded newer image for iam21h/warm-image-operator:0.0.1

Now add it to your crontab to run once a day.