• Стабилно 0.0.6 37cec8a31f

    Release 0.0.6

    21h пре 1 месец 2 комита на master почев од овог издања

    Added mounting of configmaps and secrets, you can set permissions for mounted secrets.

    • Mount configmap as files
      mountConfigmap: default empty | string
      mountConfigmapPath: by default mounts to /configmap-local | string

    • Mount secret as files
      mountSecret: default empty | string
      mountSecretPath: by default mounts to /secret-local | string
      mountSecretPermissions: default permissions, use decimal notation, default 256 | integer

  • Стабилно 0.0.5 8b74051da2

    Release 0.0.5

    21h пре 9 месеци 16 комита на master почев од овог издања


    • podSecurityContext: default empty, global, can be overrided for each task
    • nodeSelector: default empty, global
    • affinity: default empty, global
    • tolerations: default empty, global
    • podRequests: default empty, global
    • podLimits: default empty, global
    • PersistentVolumeSubPath: default empty, global
  • Стабилно 0.0.4 63815efbd4

    Release 0.0.4

    21h пре 9 месеци 18 комита на master почев од овог издања

    This new parameters can be placed in global section for all tasks or in one task. All task parameters overrides global parameters.

    • envConfigmap
      Get ENV variables from Configmap, default empty.
    • restartPolicy
      Set restart policy for Pod, default OnFailure.
    • backoffLimit
      Set restart count for Job, default 0.
    • concurrencyPolicy
      Set concurrency policy for CronJob, default Forbid.

    Set global history limits, default 3:

    • successfulJobsHistoryLimit
    • failedJobsHistoryLimit
  • Стабилно 0.0.3 102696d873

    Release 0.0.3

    21h пре 9 месеци 19 комита на master почев од овог издања


    • unpin version in deploy/operator.yaml to be sure you got latest version


    • reconcile restart policy
    • reconcile concurrency
  • Стабилно 0.0.2 0ac5c8fbf7

    Release 0.0.2

    21h пре 9 месеци 24 комита на master почев од овог издања


    • added workdir definition for every task
    • added feature to mount your PVC to path with persistentVolumeName and persistentVolumePath for all tasks at once.