Getting list of tables on servers and counts records
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Compare Postgresql tables

You have servers with master-slave(s) replication and want to be sure what all tables is synced. Program queries count of records for every table in database and shows to you on screen. Used on servers with logical replication and wal-g.

Create config.yaml with connection strings and run compare-pg -config config.yaml. If you want check only single table add argument -table table_name.

Sample config file:

  master: postgres://
  slave_logical: postgres://
  slave_walg: postgres://

Sample output, table user_info is out of sync on slave_logic:

[INFO]  2020/07/16 16:43:53 master successfully connected!
[INFO]  2020/07/16 16:43:54 slave_logic successfully connected!
[INFO]  2020/07/16 16:43:54 Table name: ga
[INFO]  2020/07/16 16:43:55 Postgres name: master 	Count: 25381695 	Size: 5727 MB
[INFO]  2020/07/16 16:43:55 Postgres name: slave_logic 	Count: 25381695 	Size: 6147 MB
[INFO]  2020/07/16 16:43:55 ------------
[INFO]  2020/07/16 16:43:55 Table name: ch_vk_email_phone
[INFO]  2020/07/16 16:43:57 Postgres name: master 	Count: 27670694 	Size: 2770 MB
[INFO]  2020/07/16 16:44:02 Postgres name: slave_logic 	Count: 27670694 	Size: 2770 MB
[INFO]  2020/07/16 16:44:02 ------------
[INFO]  2020/07/16 16:44:04 Table name: user_info
[INFO]  2020/07/16 16:44:16 Postgres name: master 	Count: 414710344 	Size: 135 GB
[INFO]  2020/07/16 16:45:04 Postgres name: slave_logic 	Count: 414555984 	Size: 151 GB
[WARN]  2020/07/16 16:45:04 ------------ TABLES DIFFERENT ------------


Add my Ubuntu\Debian repository and install compare-pg package.

Or download binary from releases tab.

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