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Migration from BitBucket to Gitea

This program reads list of repos in bitbucket account or organization, creates these repos in Gitea and creating config for go-git-mirror to copy data.

  • Copy auth.yaml.example to auth.yaml, fill it with right data
  • Check that gitea user\org does not have same named repos
  • Run bb2gitea-migrate, it generate config files and create all repos under provided gitea user\org
  • Check count of created repos in gitea
  • Check generated config file for go-git-mirror mirror.yaml and urls.txt
  • Run script with temp directory as argument (same as in auth.yaml) /var/bbmigrate to copy data localy, it required by go-git-mirror, check your disk space because ALL repos will be cloned locally
  • Install and run ./go-git-mirror -file mirror.yaml
  • You can make slow migration if you add go-git-mirror to crontab, it pulls data from source bitbucket repo to local repo cache (in tmp directory you made above) and forward to Gitea. Do not commit to both repos, at first deny bitbucket repo, after allow gitea repo for writing.

Copyright by Vladimir Smagin (21h) 2020 email:
Project page: