Ansible playbook that you can use to control ssh access to your linux servers. You can install or remove keys, tune sshd options and install additional software.
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# If you want to disable key just add key_state: "absent"
# Example: stupid_manager: { keypath: "../keys/", username: "ubuntu", key_state: "absent" }
git: { keypath: "../keys/", username: "root" }
dev1: { keypath: "../keys/", username: "developer" }
dev2: { keypath: "../keys/", username: "developer" }
# disable fired employer
dev3: { keypath: "../keys/", username: "developer", key_state: "absent" }
# remove user from OS, no managers on servers! fuck them all!
dumb_manager: { keypath: "../keys/", username: "manager", state: "absent" }
# Set path to sshd config
# Default: /etc/ssh/sshd_config
sshd_config_path: "/var/local/etc/ssh/sshd_config"
# Here you can change sshd parameters
# change defaults here roles/ssh_config/defaults/main.yml
# allow password auth instead of defaults
PasswordAuthentication: "yes"